Prayers for Brussels

Performance Marketing Group is deeply saddened by the recent tragic events in Brussels. We ask God's mercy and peace for those that were affected and are praying for the recovery of those injured. Our hearts go out to the city of Brussels and the beautiful country of Belgium. 

It is truly sad that events like these often cause people to cancel travel plans they have dreamed of for years and planned for months. This article by Travel and Leisure says it best, "Travel fosters human understanding, and empathy for people whose lives are unlike your own; it opens your eyes to otherness, including other cultures and religions. Serious travelers are among the most open and tolerant people I know; their frequent encounters with difference make them expansive in their thinking. Travelers are, ultimately, the enemies of terrorists, and what they believe works against terroists' aims, person by person and little by little." 

Getaway Inspiration

Many people look at Performance Marketing Group from the outside and say things along the lines, "it must be nice getting to travel the world for work, lucky you." The truth is, the behind the scenes prep work can be some of the most physically and emotionally demanding. It is not always easy deciding how to cover up the fact the catering company is running late, or the transfer service just casually "forgot" to pick up the last group of people coming in from the airport. There are always last minute mishaps involved in any sort of event planning.

While inevitable difficulties exist in any profession, incentive travel does have some truly beautiful rewards. The biggest reward, of course, is the opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking corners of the world with our own eyes. As a team, we are always seeking new and fresh destination inspiration whether it be a small weekend getaway trip or big overseas voyage, a trip for work or a trip for pleasure. In this case, we're dreaming of a relaxing, work-free (and okay, you caught us, romantic getaway). Have a look at this article highlighting the most romantic weekend getaways in our own backyard, the U.S. from one of our classic and favorite sources, Condé Nast Traveler


Bermuda Bliss

As an incentive travel company, we are extremely privileged to experience an abundance of wonderful places. We delight in helping our clients find the perfect location to treat their guests, and we are always on the lookout for our new favorite hot spot. When most people plan to get away they long for a few specifics, with sand and sun at the top of the list. Performance Marketing Group has hosted incentive travel programs all over the Caribbean, but there is something about Bermuda that leaves us wanting more every time. Check out AFAR's Bermuda guide for some inspiration on one of our long-time favorites!





Nice to Meet You!

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